Moonbounce from Suriname

From november 26th till december 8 th DL2NUD and DL4WO are QRV from Suriname.
Callsigns will be PZ5UD and PZ5EME and the locator is GJ25jt.

144.144 MHz 17 el yagi, preamp and KW
432.090 MHz 38 el yagi, preamp and 350 watt
1296 MHz 200 watt
2320 MHz 350 watt (Rx for USA at 2304.120 MHz on request)
3400 MHz 60 watt
1,5 mtr dish, circulair rhcp (by RF Hamdesign)

06 Dec 2014 144
07 Dec 2014 144
The moonpass start at that date and end one day later !

1 minute periods and PZ will TX always first
They will be at N0UK and HB9Q (for higher bands)
LATEST NEWS, dates are UTC
26 November 2014: Wolf and Hermann did arive in Suriname and the QTH look good.
27 November 2014: Setting up the station has some delay beccause heavy rain and thunder, First QSO's made
28 November 2014: Another 39 stations in the log, much rain and strong winds makes it sometimes difficult (see pictures)
30 November 2014: Operating 1296.100 now with a dish, good signals (see pictures)
06 December 2014: Last days 144 MHz.