Day 1, april 27st

This morning we arrived at Dushabe airport and after 1 hour sleep we selected a place where we could setup the station and we did start building the antenna's
We had several problems and we decided to use only the H pol and we managed to be on the air in the afternoon.

Our reception was ok but it seems that people had difficulties decoding our signal because instability.
It was not alowed to take our own transmitters in to the country so we have to do it with the FT897 wich was here around.
The trx dont feel hot so we dont know if cooling will help (but we will try tomorrow) if anyone have a hint how to solve this problem please let us know.

At moonset 41 stations did find their way in our log.

Tomorrow we will look what is wrong with the Vertcal part and if we can find the problem we will install the H / V swichbox.

We will be there from moonrise till moonset (we have mountains in both directions)
144.134 EY8ZF first and there is a chance (if 144 MHz run well) we meight pop up at 432 MHz with a 38 el M2 and power.
We will be at N0UK and HB9Q logger


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