Tips how to qso with us

  • Please call us when you DO copy us. No need to have a good decode from us, you will decode us when we call you.
  • Spread out, we can rx 800Hz up and down.
  • DON'T stop calling us when we are in QSO with someone else, after a QSO we will call the next station but only if he was TX'ing the period before.
  • Don't hop around, choose a freq to call us and stay there for a while. If you stop TX'ing, listen the next period and then change freq if you want.
  • We will not TX 73, if a QSO is complete by RX'ing 73 from you we call CQ or another station. (QSO is complete if both stations received both calls, a report and one or more R)
  • Please send 73 after you got our RR, its good to know for us that we can call the next station.
  • From time to time we have to turn antenna's (by hand); we have to stop 1 or 2 periods TX'ing then, please continue calling: we will RX!
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