Day 1

After a long flight with some delay (broken plane part) we did arrive at Curacao, after a night at Curacao we traveled to Bonaire where we did arrive around noon local time Monday.
PJ4NX did pick us up from the airport and showed us our accommodation. That day we start assembling the antenna's.
Tuesday we did finish the 4 cross yagi's and dissemble the old yagisystem and did take down the tower. At times it was to hot to work outside we did finish the work inside the shack.
In the meantime Peters wife Irma did prepare a local dish with goat, it was delicious!!

Today, Wednesday we will do some rotor work and construct a new H frame and finally put the antennas in the air.
If Murphy has a day off we are on schedule for Thursday moonpass.
One small problem might occur, the only power plant of Bonaire seems to have a financial problem and they cant pay the necessary gasoline so the supplier stopped the delivery, keep your fingers crossed that they find a solution before cutting of the power.

So you on the 'Bon'air
team PJ4X
Peter, Johan, Jurgen en Rene


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