Welcome to the Bonaire 2011 moonbounce site!
Bonaire is a new DXCC since 10-10-2010 see www.arrl.org
Before this date Bonaire was part of the Netherlands Antilles and counted for DXCC Netherlands Antilles.
Since 10-10-2010 the Netherlands Antilles are deleted as DXCC but a qso with PJ4/PA3CNX PJ4/PE1L, PJ4EME or PJ4NX still counts (for DXCC award) for this deleted entity (compare with  East Germany or Czechoslovakia) see www.arrl.net/dxcc
So you will get a chance to add a new entity to your DXCC-list while the 'old one' still counts for the DXCC award.

Till moontime!

Peter PJ4NX, Johan PA3FPQ, Jurgen PE1LWT and René PE1L
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